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Introduction to Surge Protector Features of Surge Protector Surge Protector Performance

Surge introduction Surge current refers to the peak current or overload current that is much larger than the steady-state current generated at the moment the power is turned on or when the circuit is abnormal.In electronic design, surge mainly refers to the strong pulse generated at the moment when the power supply (only mainly refers to the power supply) just turned on. Because the linearity of the circuit itself may be higher than the pulse of the power supply itself; or due to the power supply or other circuits in the circuit. Part of the interference by itself or external spikes is called a surge. It is likely to cause the circuit to burn out at the moment of a surge, such as PN junction capacitance breakdown, resistance blown, etc. The surge protection is to use linear components to high For protection circuits designed for high frequency (surge) sensitive design, simple and commonly used capacitors in parallel and series inductance are used.

The performance of surges Surges generally exist in the power distribution system, which means that surges are everywhere.The main manifestations of surges in the power distribution system are: — Voltage fluctuations — Under normal working conditions, machinery and equipment will automatically stop or start — There are air conditioners, compressors, elevators, pumps or motors in electrical equipment — Computer control systems often appear to be non-existent Reasons to reset — the motor often needs to be replaced or rewinded — the service life of the electrical equipment is shortened due to failure, reset or voltage problems

The characteristics of surges The time of generation of surges is very short, probably on the order of picoseconds.When a surge occurs, the amplitude of the voltage and current exceeds more than twice the normal value.Since the input filter capacitor is quickly charged, the peak current is much greater than the steady-state input current.The power supply should limit the surge level that AC switches, rectifier bridges, fuses, and EMI filter components can withstand.Repeatedly switch the loop, the AC input voltage should not damage the power supply or cause the fuse to blow.

Post time: Nov-20-2021