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Is the socket switch of netizen’s computer off or is it struck by lightning

Some netizens turned off the switch of the computer socket line, but they were still struck by lightning. In this regard, relevant zh experts pointed out that if the computer does not install a lightning arrester on the power line and telephone line, it is necessary to unplug both the power line and telephone line when it thunders. Note: Unplug, not turn off! When lightning strikes, the voltage is generally hundreds of thousands of volts, which can directly puncture the power switch of the computer! It’s no use shutting down, and it’s no use installing lightning rods on the roof. It is understood that lightning protection is mainly divided into two aspects: external lightning protection and internal lightning protection. External lightning protection refers to the lightning protection of the building body. The main measure is to install lightning arresters (lightning rods, belts, nets, wires, metal components, etc.) to prevent the damage of the building body caused by lightning hitting the building. However, if the lightning strikes the distant power line or telephone line, the lightning current will enter the room along the line. At this time, the external lightning protection device will not work, so the internal lightning protection device is also needed. Internal lightning protection device mainly refers to shielding, grounding, equipotential connection, reasonable wiring and installation of lightning arrester. Its function is to discharge the lightning current entering along the line to the ground to protect the equipment behind.
Experts suggest that families with conditions can consider installing TV feeder lightning arrester, power lightning arrester, telephone lightning arrester, etc. the function of lightning arrester is to shunt and limit the voltage of lightning electromagnetic pulse invaded from the line, so as to realize the safety of household appliances protected by lightning arrester.
Of course, if these devices are not available or cannot be installed, unplugging all plugs is still the best emergency measure

Post time: May-10-2022