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Lightning protection measures for electrical and electronic equipment

The influence of thunderstorm season on electrical safety is mainly due to lightning electromagnetic field induction or lightning wave intrusion. For a family, radio wave intrusion mainly includes power supply line, telephone line, cable TV or wireless TV feeder and so on. These ways are directly connected with external lines of household appliances. When these lines enter the house overhead, the harm is more serious.
Buildings shall be equipped with lightning protection devices according to the lightning protection design code, such as lightning rod, down lead and grounding device.
The power line, telephone line and TV signal line introduced into the house shall be shielded and grounded. For example, when the feeder of outdoor antenna is close to lightning rod or down lead, the feeder shall wear metal pipe or adopt feeder with metal shielding layer, and the metal pipe or metal shielding layer shall be grounded.
Before the occurrence of lightning, it is best to unplug the plug of household appliances. If you do not watch TV, turn on the air conditioner, do not make a wired phone, and have an outdoor antenna, unplug the antenna plug before lightning.
For specific electrical appliances, the recommendations are as follows
Wired telephone: under normal circumstances, the input port of the telephone line is equipped with a protector to prevent abnormal voltage. However, if there is a lightning at a place very close to the telephone line, there may be strong abnormal voltage intrusion, causing harm to the telephone and human body. Therefore, in strong thunderstorm weather, it’s better not to call for personal safety.
Computer: in addition to taking perfect shielding and grounding measures, the computer room and computer system shall also be equipped with signal surge protector at the input end of signal cable terminal equipment. Power surge protector shall be installed at the front end of main power supply, power distribution in the computer room and “ups” and equipment socket. Of course, it is best not to use the computer before thunder and unplug the power supply and network cable plug. This is because the sensitivity of VLSI used in computers is very high. Even if lightning protection devices are installed on buildings, the electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction generated by lightning will still form high-voltage shock waves and damage electronic equipment.
Solar water heater: lightning protection device shall be installed. In case of thunder, it is best not to use solar water heaters.
Household appliances such as TV sets: for household appliances such as TV sets and air conditioners, first of all, the grounding of electrical equipment should be done well. Secondly, it is recommended to use sockets with lightning protection function. In addition, household appliances should keep a certain distance from the outer wall of the building.

Post time: May-03-2022