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Network two-in-one lightning arrester

Made in China – Zhejiang Leihao Electric Co., Ltd. We will make every effort to become an excellent and ideal enterprise, and accelerate our pace to become one of the world’s first-class and high-tech enterprises in the production of monitoring two in one network power surge protector signals. We are committed to providing you with professional technology and solutions!
We will establish a good customer relationship and positive business interaction with the two in one network surge protective devices and signal surge protective arresters manufactured by Zhejiang Leihao Electric Co., Ltd. Our products and solutions have been widely accepted by us and satisfied by customers all over the world.
Power network two-in-one lightning arrester, network two-in-one lightning arrester and network two-in-one surge protector are designed according to IEC and GB standards, which are mainly used for lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) protection of various HD Network Camera and network signal lines, and are integrated multifunctional surge protectors.

Features of two-in-one lightning arrester:
1. the network camera two-in-one lightning arrester has large current capacity: 10KA(8/20μS), high-speed response (10-12ns) and low loss;
2. The design concept of two-in-one power supply and network lightning protection does not take up space and is suitable for surge protection of various high-definition network cameras;
3. It can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by instantaneous increase of potential difference between camera power supply and network equipment;
4. Two-stage series linkage protection is adopted internally, with low residual pressure and long service life;
5. The power surge protection port has LED failure indication (green: normal; Extinguish: invalid);
6. The network camera two-in-one lightning protector adopts integrated structure, small size, simple wiring and convenient installation.
For more information about this product, please visit:https://www.zjleihao.com/network-two-in-one-lightning-arrester-product/
For more product information, please visit: https://www.zjleihao.com/
Zhejiang Leihao Electric Co., Ltd. welcomes you at any time and sincerely requests you to become one of our partners.LH-AF3-220 Signal lightning protection device series 3https://www.zjleihao.com/uploads/LH-AF3-220-Signal-lightning-protection-device-series.jpghttps://www.zjleihao.com/uploads/LH-AF3-220-Signal-lightning-protection-device-series-2.jpg

Post time: Dec-22-2022