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Outdoor lightning protection

If you encounter thunderstorms outdoors, you should quickly take shelter in a nearby dry house. If you can’t find a house in the mountains, you can hide in a cave. According to the analysis report on market and investment strategic planning of China’s lightning protection industry, outdoor lightning protection should pay attention to the following five points:
1. Do not stay on the top of the mountain, ridge or building (structure).
2. Do not stay near iron gates, iron fences, metal clotheslines, overhead metal bodies and railway tracks.
3. They should quickly hide in buildings (structures) with lightning protection, or in various vehicles and ships with metal shells. When the above conditions are not met, you should immediately squat with your feet together, bend your head forward, and reduce your height to reduce the harm caused by stepping voltage. Because the lightning current will gradually release energy around along the ground through the falling point. At this time, a certain voltage may be generated between the front and rear feet of a person during walking due to different potential differences.
4. Don’t be in big trees (in the wild, sometimes you can rely on tall trees for lightning protection, but remember to leave the trunk and leaves at least two meters away.) Take shelter from the rain under electric poles, billboards and various iron towers. Because at this time, the wet branches of the big tree are equivalent to a lightning device. If you touch the big tree, electric poles and all kinds of iron towers with your hand, it is like holding the downlead of lightning protection device, you are likely to be struck by lightning.
5. Don’t stay by the water (rivers, lakes, seas, ponds, canals, etc.), swimming pools, depressions, and quickly go to dry houses nearby to avoid thunderstorms.

Post time: Aug-01-2022