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Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector


LH-DB9 surge protector are designed to protect sensitive equipment linked to datalines equipped with D-sub connectors, as RS232, RS422 and RS485lines. They are equipped with D-sub connectors for fast and easy maintenance. In order to comply with the line configuration, all the wires are transmitted and protected.


Product Feactures:


1. D-Sub surge protector


2. For RS422 communication lines


3. 9-pin connector


4. Fast and easy installation


5. Secondary protection

The network POE surge protector produced by Zhejiang Leihao Electric Co., Ltd., which is made in China, is used to protect the AC/DC power supply and network signal of POE network equipment, so as to effectively absorb the energy impact generated by surge, and introduce the energy to the ground through the grounding cable. The multifunctional integrated design reduces the protection cost and installation difficulty, saves the installation space, and greatly improves the comprehensive protection effect of the camera.
Signal arrester is a surge protector, which is an important embodiment of internal protection. With the rapid development of information technology today, the application of signal lightning protection devices is more and more common, and has been highly valued by everyone. There are many kinds of signal arresters, which should be reasonably matched according to the corresponding needs.
Low level data signal part of data signal lightning protection, including cable TV lightning protection device, twisted pair transmission lightning protection device, communication signal line lightning protection device, satellite receiver antenna lightning protection device, host and service lightning protection device
(1) Primary signal protection
Twisted pair signal protection (overvoltage protection plug) protects signal system and equipment. The rated voltage is 100vac/DC, and the maximum discharge current of each line is 10kA (8~20A) μ s. The response time is less than 10ns.
For power lines, signal lines (analog and digital), such as 110VAC/DC of telephone equipment; Control and instrument lines and data lines are 12V DC/8V AC and 24V DC/15V AC. Signal arrester AD/kz-24 shall be installed. LH series surge protector (SPD for short, alias: surge protector, surge arrester) is applicable to mainframe, terminal computer, modem server and transceiver in government finance, insurance and other industries. Cable transmission in these industries is 9,15pim or cable remote sensing, and remote testing is D-type interface equipment. It will effectively reduce the trouble of software and hardware to the coming shock pulse

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