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Why does thunder love to “visit” the football field

The football field is generally built in an open and flat area. Strong winds are easy to “drive straight in”, pass through here smoothly, and quickly rub with the football field to produce a lot of static electricity. The blowing clouds often carry a large amount of charge. The sky and the earth form a huge capacitor. The charges in the capacitor are induced and transmitted to each other, which is ready to explode.
At the same time, lightning is the companion of violent storms. In the humid air, football players who are drenched like drowned chickens are like “lightning needles” standing on the electrode plate of capacitors. At this time, football players are “in danger” and “in danger”. Once “tip discharge”, they will die or be injured.
Therefore, experts specially remind amateur players not to play football outdoors on rainy days.

Post time: May-12-2022