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Lightning protection and grounding

Lightning protection and grounding
Lightning protection and grounding are divided into two concepts: first, lightning protection to prevent damage caused by lightning strike; The second is grounding, which is a kind of electricity use measure to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment and personal safety.
Concept and classification of folding lightning protection grounding
Type of folded grounding body
The metal conductor buried in the soil or in concrete that directly contacts the earth and plays the role of dissipation becomes the grounding body. The grounding body is mainly divided into natural grounding body and artificial grounding body: all kinds of metal components in direct contact with the earth, metal well pipes, the foundation of reinforced concrete buildings, metal pipelines and equipment, etc. used as metal conductors for grounding are called natural grounding bodies. The buried metal conductor specially used for grounding is called artificial grounding body, which includes copper-clad steel grounding rod, copper-clad steel grounding electrode, copper-clad flat steel, electrolytic ion grounding electrode, grounding module, “high conductivity module”.

Post time: Aug-04-2022