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Lightning protection essentials that everyone should master

In case of thunder and lightning, pay attention to the following points: 1 If you happen to be at home when there is strong thunder and lightning, it is recommended not to venture out. Do not use radios and televisions with external antennas. Do not answer or make calls. 2. if you are in the field, you should immediately find a shelter. The concrete buildings with lightning rods, steel frames or steel plates are used as lightning protection places. Vehicles with complete metal carriages can also be used. 3. when there is no shelter, do not close to the open area or the solitary tree on the top of the mountain. It is most vulnerable to lightning strike. Don’t stay in open water and small boats; Try to avoid the edges of tall trees, the surroundings of electric wires, flagpoles and tall objects without lightning protection equipment, such as haystacks and tents. Do not get close to railway tracks, long metal railings and other huge metal objects. Do not stay at mountain tops, commanding heights and other places. 4. it is better not to ride horses, bicycles and motorcycles during lightning; Do not carry metal objects in the open air; Do not approach any part of lightning protection equipment. 5. if you can’t find a suitable lightning protection place, you should try to reduce the center of gravity and the contact area between the human body and the ground. You can squat down, put your feet together, put your hands on your knees, and bend forward. Don’t lie on the ground, in trenches or pits. If you can put on a raincoat, the lightning protection effect will be better. People in the wild, whether moving or stationary, should be separated by a few meters. They should not be crowded together. They can also hide in large caves. 6. note that when your hair is erect or your skin vibrates, lightning may strike and you should immediately fall to the ground. People who are struck by lightning may be burned or severely shocked, but they are not electrified and can be rescued safely. 7. do not use your mobile phone when there is strong thunder and lightning!

Post time: Jun-18-2022