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Surge Lightning Strike Counter

Surge Lightning Strike Counter

Short Description:

Install near the surge protector, record the discharge times of the surge protector, remote signal, the status of the front circuit breaker, etc., for the intelligent management of the surge protector product.

Product Detail

Product Size

Installation Instructions

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1. Temperature: -40°C~+80°C;
2. Humidity: ≤90 (at an average of 25°C);
3. Non-flammable and explosive environment;
4. Not affected by sunlight, rain, etc.

1. Please charge before use. In order to ensure the charging effect and prolong the service life of the battery, a special charger should be used. It takes about 3-4 hours for an empty battery to be fully charged. The red light on the charger indicates charging; the green light indicates charging is complete.

2. According to the installation height of the counter, properly pull out the telescopic discharge rod.

3. Special grounding wire, with one end plug inserted into the jack at the tail of the calibrator and the other end clip connected to the ground.

4. Press the red button, turn on the high voltage for about 1 second, and the indicator light will light up (flash slightly). You can click on the connecting end of the counter and the lightning arrester for testing.

5. After each click, the end of the discharge rod should leave the counter. If you need to repeat the test, don't release the button. When the indicator light flashes again for 1-2 seconds, you can click the test again.


6. Continuous testing will cause the calibrator to heat up, so please pay attention to proper clearance time. To reduce failures and prolong battery life.

7. The output of the calibrator is divided into three grades: high, medium and low, which can be adjusted by the toggle switch on the head to adapt to the test of counters of different types or brands.

8. If the indicator light still does not shine after pressing the button for more than 3 seconds, it means that the battery needs to be charged.

9. Please do not disassemble the calibrator at will. If the capacity of the battery pack is obviously decreased or the charging efficiency is too low, it needs to be replaced. Please purchase a special battery pack from our company.

Technical parameter

Model LH-RS/485
Discharge response ≥0.2kA (rising ≥8μs)
Counting interval ≥2s
External power supply 220V~
backup power 5~12V~/-
Electric power ≤0.5W
memory function No data loss when power off
Clear the number of discharges Long press (>8s)
Preset the number of discharges Press (>0.5s) to lift up, accumulatively 1 time
Display range of discharge times 0~9999 number
Switch input 1 display The first decimal point from the left, open circuit is not bright, closed circuit is bright
Switch input 2 display The second decimal point from the left, open circuit is not bright, closed circuit is bright
Switch input parameters Passive dry contact access, the access resistance is less than 200Ω
CPU work display 1st decimal point from right
CPU working status Normal decimal point flashes
Data output RS485 (Modbus communication protocol)
Working temperature zone -40℃~+80℃
Wiring specifications 0.5mm2 ~1.5mm2
Shell material Flame retardant plastic
External protection level IP20
Product specifications and dimensions 2 switch positions (width 36mm)
Magnetic ring size 22mm x14mm x 8mm
Mounting brackets 35mm electrical rail

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    Surge Lightning Strike Counter 03 Installation Notes 1. The product is installed close to the surge protector and can be fixed on the 35mm electrical rail; 2. The access line must conform to the electrical characteristics of the product terminal identification.

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