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Intelligent Surge

Intelligent Surge

Short Description:

This product is an intelligent surge protector (SPD 80kA), which mainly collects SPD damage status, air switch trip status, SPD false grounding and poor grounding status and SPD action times; it is equipped with standard RS485 interface data communication and supports wired and wireless communication methods ; It can be used in networking or independently, and can provide custom programming interface for customers to connect with other private protocols.

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Product installation

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Power equipment monitoring system
Industrial communication field
Railway distribution monitoring
Environmental water conservancy
Petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries
Coal, food industry
new energy
Airport terminal

Surge protective device (SPD), also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides security protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly produces peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the damage of surge to other equipment in the circuit

Surge protective device, suitable for 50 / 60Hz AC, rated voltage of 220 V to 380 V power supply system, for indirect lightning and direct lightning impact or other transient overvoltage surge protection, suitable for family residential, tertiary industry and industrial field surge protection requirements.


● Integrated design 80kA reliable counting, no crash.
● The sensor is built-in, the peripheral wiring is simple, and the installation is simple.
● The start threshold of lightning counting is adjustable.
● Self-lightning protection to ensure that it is not damaged by intrusion surges.
● 40kA/80kA SPD is optional.
● Support wired and wireless transmission.
● On-site alarm function, even without networking, you can easily realize on-site management.
● Remote alarm function, through the cloud server, you can remotely monitor the data of any collection terminal and obtain real-time alarm information.

Product Features

Smart surge type test report

1) Monitoring function of the module:
● SPD deterioration status indication
● Back-up protector failure indication
● Monitoring the number of lightning strikes
● Grounding device monitoring
● Temperature monitoring

2) Management of software system:
● Smart patrol setting
● Fault information setting
● Fault signal output
● History query

Smart surge type test report 01
Smart surge type test report 01


Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 20KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 40KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 1.8KV
Appearance: white, laser marking



Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 30KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 60KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 2.1KV
Appearance: white, laser marking



Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 40KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 80KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 2.2KV
Appearance: white, laser marking

Intelligent Surge

There is no uniform definition of intelligent SPD at home and abroad, but the concept of intelligent SPD has been recognized by R&D designers and users in practice. Intelligent SPD should have the following four basic characteristics:
① Surge protection function and safety performance;
② Monitoring function of operating parameters;
③ Fault alarm and failure prediction function;
④ Communication and networking functions.

Intelligent SPD realizes lightning current monitoring, which can monitor parameters such as lightning peak current and lightning times of tower in real time.

With the organic combination of intelligent surge protector and NB-IoT wireless module, many problems in substation intelligent lightning monitoring will be solved easily.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage: DC 220V Counting range: 0~999 times
Product power consumption: 2 W Counting threshold: 1KA (factory default)
Communication method: RS485 Alarm indication: red LED is always on
Communication protocol: standard MODBUS, MQTT protocol Transmission distance: wireless (4000 m visible distance)
Maximum sustainable voltage (Uc): 385V~ Housing material: plastic housing IP protection grade: IP20
Type I maximum discharge current (Imax): 20-40kA Environmental humidity; <95% working temperature; -20~70℃
Type Ⅱ maximum discharge current (Imax); 40-80kA Dimensions; 145*90*50mm (length, width and height)
Switch quantity acquisition: 3 channels (remote signal, air switch, grounding) Product weight: 180g
SPD action count: 1 way Installation method: 35 mm rail

With the development of smart cities, the wide application of new technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and the next generation Internet, intelligent SPD based on NB-IoT technology is increasingly becoming an important weapon for the communication industry to ensure the security of network operation. Monitoring, controlling and managing the lightning protection system of communication stations will be the only way to improve the management level of communication networks. The application research of NB-IoT will strongly promote the industry innovation of intelligent surge protector and promote the progress of new technology.

Intelligent Surge 001

1. Ground wire
2. Ground wire indicator
3. Lightning protection indicator
4. Air switch indicator
5. Working indicator
6. Digital tube counting display
7. 485 communication interface A
8. 485 communication interface B
9. Air switch detection
10. Air switch detection
11. Empty
12. Negative power supply N
13. Power supply positive L
14, N
15. L3
16, L2
17, L1

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  • Product installation

    The main purpose of this product is to monitor the status and service life of a surge protector (SPD). It is generally installed and used indoors, and is usually installed next to the surge protector.

    ●Installation method: 35mmDIN standard rail installation, in line with DINEN60715 standard.
    ●Choose a suitable position to fix the DIN rail in the distribution box, and clamp the monitoring module onto the rail to fix it.
    ●Monitoring module wiring ports ⑦ and ⑧ are connected to the 485 communication module interface; ⑨ and ⑩ are auxiliary dry contact modes, regardless of polarity, one end is connected to the common end, and the other end is connected to the normally closed end.
    ●Connect the power line and communication line according to the color, and don’t connect it wrongly.
    ● The specifications of the power inlet and outlet wires and the ground wire should meet the specifications, and the wires should be short and thick, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms.

    Wiring diagram example

    Intelligent Surge 002



    1. This product can only be wired and installed by professional electricians.
    2. National standards and safety requirements (see IEC60364-5-523).
    3. The appearance of the product must be checked before installation, if it is found to be damaged or wrong, it cannot be installed.
    4. Only allowed to be used within the scope of the installation instructions. If it is used beyond the specified range, it may damage the product and connected equipment.
    5. Disassemble or modify the product, the warranty is invalid.

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