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Lightning Protection Box

Lightning Protection Box

Short Description:

● This product is widely used in mobile communication base stations, microwave communication bureau stations, telecommunications equipment rooms, industrial factories and mines, civil aviation, finance, securities and other power systems, such as various power distribution stations, power distribution rooms, power distribution cabinets, AC and DC power distribution panels, Switch boxes and various other important equipment that is vulnerable to lightning strikes.

● Series AC power supply lightning protection box is suitable for situations where the space of power distribution room and computer room is small and two levels of power protection are needed to ensure the level of power protection. The series lightning protection box can be directly installed beside the main distribution box, which can independently realize the two-level lightning protection of the power supply system at one point.

Product Detail

Installation Notes

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● The snow box with the maximum discharge current of 120kA and above is suitable for the lightning protection of the total power supply in important places;
● The lightning protection box with the maximum discharge current of 40-80kA is suitable for lightning protection of various power systems (such as UPS power supply, computer room power supply, etc.);
● The lightning protection box with a maximum discharge current of 20kA is suitable for lightning protection of various equipment power supplies.

LH series power lightning protection box is mainly used for weather, transportation, post and telecommunications, computer  network, power distribution box, residential,  railway and other  fields.Power supply prevents thunder B,C,D, are the three levels, according to the IEC (international electrotechnical commission) partition of  lightning protection, multi-level protection  theory, class B  belongs  to the first  level  of lightning  protection  lightning  protection device, can be applied to building the ark of the main distribution:class C belongs to the second level of lightning protection lightning protection device, applied  to the structure of the shunt power distribution cabinet; D belongs to the third  level of  lightning protection  lightning protection device,LH lightning protection box effectively restrain the road from the ac power supply cord into the induction lightning waves, and electrostatic damage to protect electrical equipment from lightning strike.


●Lightning counter (lightning protection box with lightning counter), accurately record the number of lightning strikes
●Status indicator, indicating the working status of the lightning protection box.
●The discharge current is large and the residual voltage is low.
●Wide range of use, ns-level response speed.
●Realize all-round protection of differential mode and common mode.
●Using special impact fuse, high reliability.
●The core components adopt internationally renowned brands with superior performance and long service life.
●There are temperature control and current limiting circuits inside to completely avoid fire.
●Energy saving, environmental protection, simple and convenient installation, no special maintenance.

Product Size

FeaturesModel meaning

Lightning Protection Box Product Size


LH Lightning pick surge protector
100 Maximum discharge current: 40, 80, 100kA...
I I; Represents T1 products; Default: Represents T2 products
X AC system box type
385 Maximum continuous operating voltage: 385, 440V~
S D: Single phase; S: Three phase

Technical parameter








Maximum continuous working voltage Uc


Nominal discharge current (8/20μS) In







Maximum discharge current Imax (8/20μ S)







Protection level Up







Response time tA


Built-in circuit breaker


Power indicator and lightning protection indicator

Red light on means normal, red light off means failure


In parallel

memory function

No data loss when power off

Power display range of lightning technology counter


Operation of Lightning Technician

Clear, preset

Working temperature zone

-40 ℃~+80℃

Wiring specifications

6mm² ~25mm²

Shell material


Shell protection level




Counter response (rising ≥ 8μ S)


Counting interval


Lightning Technician Power Supply



≤90% (average 25℃)


Non-flammable and explosive environment

Not affected by sunlight, rain, etc.

Lightning Protection Box (2)
Lightning Protection Box (1)

Structure and Principle

Lightning protection box in parallel to the protected equipment front-end, under the condition of normal operating voltage, power supply lightning protection box in a high impedance state, does not affect the normal work of the circuit. When there is pulse surge line lightning strike, power lightning protection box in the nanosecond time conduction, quickly put the overvoltage of diarrhea in the earth, when the pulse over-voltage  disappears, power lightning protection box and automatic recovery to a high resistance state, does not affect the line power supply. With module alarm indicator, provide module deterioration indication 4With power status indicator lamp to indicate the working status of lightning arrester , Equipped with lightning counter to accurately record the number of lightning strikes

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  • ●The power must be cut off before installation, and live operation is strictly prohibited
    ●The lightning protection box can be hung on the wall or placed horizontally.
    ●When installing, please connect according to the installation diagram. Among them, L, L2, L3 are phase wires, N is the neutral wire, and PE is the ground wire. Do not connect it wrongly. After the installation is complete, close the automatic circuit breaker (fuse) switch and check whether the working state is normal
    ●During the use of the lightning protection box, you should regularly check and check the working status of the indicator: the indicator light is green, indicating that the power supply and lightning protection of the lightning protection box are normal; bright red indicates that the lightning protection box has deteriorated and should be repaired or replaced in time.
    ●The lightning protection box equipped with lightning counter has a counting range of 0-9, and the minimum operating current is 1kA. Press the “reading” button, and the window will display the number of lightning strikes. If you do not operate for 20 seconds, the counter will automatically enter the sleep state.
    ●The connecting wire should be a multi-strand copper wire not less than the standard requirement, and it should be short, thick and straight.

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