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Rack-mounted lightning protection device

Rack-mounted lightning protection device

Short Description:

This product is suitable for centralized protection of multiple network signal lines, and is mainly used for lightning (overvoltage) protection that invades equipment along the network signal line, such as 16-port 24-port Ethernet switch.

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●The discharge current is large and multi-level protection is adopted.
●Built-in fast semiconductor protection device, fast response speed, low residual voltage.
●The core components adopt international famous brands with superior performance.
●Energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation, suitable for various standard interface types.
●The insertion loss is low to ensure a smooth line.
●Small standing wave coefficient, wide working frequency range.

Model meaning

Model:LH-RJ45/05-4-24 D (POE)

LH Lightning pick surge protector
RJ45 RJ45 interface surge protector
5 Rated voltage: 5, 12, 24V~
4 4:4 pass; 8:8 pass
24 Number of interfaces
D Default: no power protection module; D: power protection module
POE Default: conventional product; POE: support POE equipment

Technical parameter

Model LH-RJ45/05 LH-RJ45/12 LH-RJ45/24 POE parameter
Maximum continuous working voltage Uc 6.5V 15V 30V 60V
Nominal discharge current (8/20μS) In 3KA 3KA 3KA 5KA
Rated voltage Un 5V 12V 24V 48V
Rated current I 1A 1A 1A 1A
Insertion loss ≤0.5dB ≤0.5dB ≤0.5dB /
working environment -40 ℃~+85℃
Relative humidity ≤95%(25℃)
Shell color Off-white, yellow
illustrate 4-way products are suitable for 10M/100M networks; 8-way products are suitable for 100M/1000M networks

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    Rack-mounted lightning protection device 001



    ●This product is the connection method of Shenlian.
    ●Please select the product with the same interface type as the protected equipment.
    ●The lightning protection device should match the working voltage of the protected equipment.
    ●When installing, please connect according to the installation diagram, where IN is the input, OUT is the output, PE is the ground wire, the input terminal is connected to the external wire, and the output terminal is connected to the input terminal of the protected equipment. Do not connect it wrongly.
    ●The PE wire of the lightning protection device must be reliably connected to the ground wire of the lightning protection system, and the connection wire must be short, thick and straight.
    ●The lightning arrester should be tested regularly during its use. If it fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the safety of the equipment.