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Low voltage Surge Protector Device lightning protection system 18mm OBO Structure

Low voltage Surge Protector Device lightning protection system 18mm OBO Structure

Short Description:

The lightning protection block with the maximum discharge current of 80KA is suitable for the lightning protection of the main power supply in important places. This product is widely used in power systems such as mobile communication base stations, microwave communication bureaus/stations, telecommunications equipment rooms, industrial factories and mines, civil aviation, finance, securities, etc., such as various power distribution stations, power distribution rooms, power distribution cabinets, AC and DC power distribution Screens, switch boxes, and other important equipment that is vulnerable to lightning strikes. LHSPD series surge protection device (hereinafter referred to as LHSPD) are suitable for AC 50/60HZ, rated  voltage up  to 385v LT、TT、TN-C、TN-S、TN-C-S  and  other  power  supply  system, it  protect to  indirect  and  direct lighting effect or other transient over voltage SPD design according with GB18802.1/IEC61643-1 standard.

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TN-C-S system

Surge in power supply system mainly comes from two reasons: external (lightning) and internal (start-up, stop and failure of electrical equipment, etc.). Surge is often characterized by short time (overvoltage caused by lightning is often in microsecond level and overvoltage caused by electrical equipment is often in millisecond level), but instantaneous voltage and current are extremely large, which is likely to cause harm to electrical equipment and cables, so surge protectors are needed to protect them. Surge ProtecTIve Device (SPD) is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines, and is mainly used to limit overvoltage and discharge surge current. Surge protectors are generally connected in parallel with protected equipment, which can shunt and limit voltage when overvoltage occurs. Prevent excessive current and voltage from damaging equipment.

Structure and principle

LHSPD is a port ,shocking protection, indoor –mounted installation, voltage-limited.
LHSPD  hold disconnector inside, then LHSPD breakdown failure by over heating,the disconnector  can  remove from the power  grid  automatically, and show  indication  signal, when  LHSPD is  working  properly, visible window  display green , lt display red when it breakdown and disconnect. 1P+N ,2P+N ,3P+N  spd consist  of 1P ,2P ,3P  SPD + NPE  zero protection  module , apply to TN-S、 TN-C-S and other power supply system


Product installation

With 35mm standard DIN-rail mounting, connecting copper stranded conductor is 2.5~35 mm².

At front of LHSPD each pole must be setted protection ---used fuse or miniature circuit breaker lightning current LHSPD protection ,after LHSPD breakdown to short circuit protection.

LHSPD install on protected line (equipment) to the front and connected to supply line. A class products install in the building home-entry line hold large surge current total distribution box.B,C class products most install on the floor distribution box ,D class products close to the front – end equipment that smaller surge current, smaller residual voltage place

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Accessories Diagram

Testing Report

Surge Protector Device 18OBO Structure 02

Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 10KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 20KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 1.6KV
Appearance: flat, white, pad printing

Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 20KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 40KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 1.8KV
Appearance: flat, orange, pad printing

Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 385V~
Nominal discharge current In 40KA
Maximum discharge current Imax 80KA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 2.3KV
Appearance: flat, white, pad printing

Model Definition



Lightning pick surge protector


Maximum discharge current: 40, 60, 80, 100, 150KA......


I: stands for T1 products; default: stands for T2 products


Maximum continuous operating voltage: 385, 440V~


Mode: 1p, 2p, 1+NPE, 3p, 4p, 3+NPE

Technical Parameters







Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc

275/320/385/440V~(Optional and customizable)

Nominal discharge current In (8/20)






Maximum discharge current current Imax (8/20)






Protection level Up






Optional appearance

Plane, full arc, arc, 18 width, 27 width (optional, can be customized)

working environment

-40 ℃~+85℃

Relative humidity



White, red, orange (optional, can be customized)


Power surge protector, suitable for three-phase five-wire power supply system, guide rail installation.

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  •  Surge Protector Device 18OBO Structure 03

    Shell material: PA66/PBT

    Feature: pluggable module

    Remote control monitoring function: none

    Shell color: default, customizable

    Flame retardant rating: UL94 V0

















    ●The power must be cut off before installation, and live operation is strictly prohibited
    ●It is recommended to connect a fuse or automatic circuit breaker in series at the front of the lightning protection module
    ●When installing, please connect according to the installation diagram. Among them, L1, L2, L3 are phase wires, N is the neutral wire, and PE is the ground wire. Do not connect it wrongly. After installation, close the automatic circuit breaker (fuse) switch
    ●After installation, (18mm lightning protection module must be inserted in place) check whether the lightning protection module is working properly
    ●10350gs, discharge tube type, with window: During use, the fault display window should be checked and checked regularly. When the fault display window is red, it means that the lightning protection module has failed and should be repaired or replaced in time.
    ●Parallel power supply lightning protection modules should be installed in parallel (Kevin wiring can also be used), the width of the single chip is 36mm, and it can be connected by double wiring. Generally, you only need to connect any one of the two wiring posts. . The connecting wire must be firm, reliable, short, thick, and straight.

    Installation diagram