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Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector

Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector

Short Description:

LH-DB9 surge protector are designed to protect sensitive equipment linked to datalines equipped with D-sub connectors, as RS232, RS422 and RS485lines. They are equipped with D-sub connectors for fast and easy maintenance. In order to comply with the line configuration, all the wires are transmitted and protected.

Product Feactures:

1. D-Sub surge protector

2. For RS422 communication lines

3. 9-pin connector

4. Fast and easy installation

5. Secondary protection

Product Detail

Installation Notes

Product Tags

The network POE surge protector is used for the protection of the AC/DC power supply and network signal of the POE network equipment, thereby effectively absorbing the energy impact generated by the surge, and introducing the energy into the earth through the grounding cable. The multi-functional integrated design reduces the protection cost and installation difficulty, saves installation space, and greatly improves the comprehensive protection effect of the camera.

Signal lightning arrester is a kind of surge protector, which is an important embodiment of internal protection. In today's rapid development of information technology, the application of signal lightning protection device is more and more common, and has been highly valued by everyone. There are many kinds of signal lightning arresters, which should be reasonably matched according to the corresponding needs.

Data signal lightning protection low level data signal part, including cable TV lightning protection device, twisted pair transmission lightning protection device, communication signal line lightning protection device, satellite receiver antenna lightning protection device, host and service lightning protection device

(1) Primary protection of signal

Twisted pair signal protection (overvoltage protection plug) protects signal system and equipment. The rated voltage is 100vac / DC, and the maximum discharge current ismax of each line is 10kA (8 ~ 20 A) μ s) The response time is less than 10ns.

For power lines, signal lines (analog and digital), for example, 110VAC / DC for telephone equipment; Control and instrument lines and data lines are 12V DC / 8V AC and 24V DC / 15V AC. signal lightning arrester AD / kz-24 shall be installed. LH series surge protective device(in short:SPD,alias:surge protector,surge arrester) is suitable for these industries such as government finance and insurance of their host computer, terminal computer,modem server and transceiver which cable trans mission of 9,15 pim or cable remote-sensing,remote-teting of D style interface device.lt’ll effect reduce the trouble of software and hardware for coming shocked pulse

Model meaning


LH Lightning pick surge protector
DB9 DB9; 9-pin; DB25; 25-pin

Schematic diagram

Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector 001

Technical parameter



Network part

Power section

Rated working voltage Un



Maximum continuous working voltage Uc



Rated working current IL



Nominal discharge current In(8/20us)


Maximum discharge current Imax(8/20us)


Protection level Up



Maximum transmission rate Vs



Insertion loss



Response time tA


Working temperature T


Protect the core wire




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  • 1. Before the surge protector string is connected to the protected equipment, the power must be turned off, and live operation is strictly prohibited.
    2. Installed in series between the lines of the protected equipment, the interface connection must be reliable, and the surge protector has input (IN) and output (OUT) marks. The output terminal is connected to the protected equipment, do not connect reversely. Otherwise, the surge protector will be damaged when lightning strikes, and the equipment will not be effectively protected (refer to the installation and wiring diagram).
    3. The ground wire (PE) must be reliably connected to the ground wire of the surge protection system, and the length must be the shortest to achieve the best protection effect.
    4. The equipment should be disconnected when installing the grounding wire to avoid damage to the equipment due to the introduction of strong currents such as electric welding from the grounding wire end.
    5. Connect the grounding wire of the surge protector and the metal shell of the equipment to the grounding collector bar.
    6. During the period of use, the surge protector should be tested regularly. If it fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the safety of the protected equipment.
    7. Non-professionals should not disassemble it.

    Surge Protection Model Equipotential Connector 002