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RJ45 series Network Signal Surge Protection Device

RJ45 series Network Signal Surge Protection Device

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LH-RJ45 series  surge protector  device are specially  used for various  computer  networksuch  as  ethernet  network  (LAN), toke-ring  network ,and  its satisfied  different types lightning – proof areas,the connector of its input and output is RJ45 maie/female connector,which is easily connected and installed and installed ,and it is main used in server equipment, working station (intranet) and router, HUB,and board band RJ45  interface  protection for  protection  equipment, which  will damaged  by the over voltage of the earth or the line inductance.

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Signal secondary protection

Serial port protector is a plug-in adapter with protection circuit, which is used to protect signal system and equipment, and can be used in high transmission occasions. For example, the host and server protecting the port are installed in front of the serial port. The rated voltage is 8V and 12V, the maximum discharge current is 15ka, and the data transmission rate is 1mbit / s. For fine protection, the rated voltage is 12V DC and the rated discharge current is 100A (8 ~ 20 A) μ s) The data transmission rate is 1mbit / s.

Coaxial cable signal protector is used to protect 75 Ω~ ninety-three Ω The maximum amplified current is 20 Ka (8-20 KA) μ s) The data transmission rate is 16mbit / s. The over-voltage protector of antenna feeder (cable TV line) of broadcasting satellite is used to protect 75 kV Ω System equipment, such as antenna amplifier, broadcast satellite receiving system, etc. The maximum discharge current is 3.5 Ka (8-20 MA) μ s) The frequency range is 4-2050mhz.

Product Description

The damage of lightning and other strong interference to communication systems, power secondary equipment, etc. and the resulting consequences are serious, and lightning protection will become a must.

Lightning is composed of high-energy low-frequency components and highly permeable high-frequency components. It mainly adopts two forms, one is through metal pipeline or ground wire directly.

Conducted lightning leads to damage to equipment; one is that lightning electromagnetic pulses in lightning channels and discharge channels are induced to metal pipelines in various coupling ways Or the ground wire generates surges that can damage the equipment. The vast majority of lightning damage is caused by this induction. For electronic information equipment, the hazards mainly come from lightning and lightning.

The coupled energy of the lightning electromagnetic pulse caused by the transient surge generated by the following three channels. Metal conduit passages, such as water pipes, power cords, surge generated by antenna feeder, signal line, aviation obstruction light lead, etc.; ground wire channel, ground potential counterattack; space channel, radiated energy of electromagnetic interference.

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